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Clinic Prescription Refills

Please allow 24-48 hours for in-clinic prescription refills! Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

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We request that you use VetsFirstChoice  if you would like to use an online pharmacy.  Why?

  • Safety
    We have carefully researched VetsFirstChoice and feel very comfortable with the products and services they provide for our clients. All of the products that they offer are safe and guaranteed by the product manufacturer.

  • Cost
    Our online pharmacy is extremely cost-competitive when compared to other online stores. Because VetsFirstChoice products are supplied directly from the manufacturers, we can offer you the same incentive discounts and rebates that you get at our office.

  • Convenience
    Shipping is quick and often free depending on your order.

  • A portion of each purchase goes straight in to an account designated specifically for Charitable Feline specific causes.  

Prescriptions, Diets, Supplies: Welcome
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