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and Patient!

This is my first online review ever, but I felt it should be known... Dr. Porter and the entire staff at A Cat Clinic in Jacksonville Beach have been truly wonderful. I cannot say enough nice things about these kind, warm and helpful people. My cat was sort of a sad case, I was often emotional and asked a ton of questions... and received nothing but kindness and support from the doctor and staff.  I would highly recommend A Cat Clinic!

Taylor B.

We felt compelled to give some kudos to the team at A Cat Clinic, and in particular, Dr. Allison Rogers DVM. They've done a great job helping us with the "maintenance" of our aging cat -- who hates vet visits.  

The staff is friendly and helpful, they take the time to explain things and answer questions in great detail. The appointments have been quick but not rushed. Pricing for procedures is every reasonable. Most importantly, they really try to help you feel informed about your cat's health. Highly recommended.

Hunter B.

Love these guys! I have been in here multiple times to get my kitty yearly shots and health physicals to fly on an airplane. They are sooo nice and always on time. They also give out peacock feathers to new customers! Which my cat loves! There is also cat boarding here which I haven't tried. This is a cats only place and is very calm and cute!

The staff and veterinarians always are so sweet and gentle with my cat, I love this place!

Teagues C. (feline!)

I cannot explain to you how much I LOVE this vet. I am an experienced pet owner and I foster cats. My cat is normally cranky and hates the car/vets. The whole staff is professional and calm and calmed my kitty down right away every time we've been there. She us had life threatening illness twice and both times the vet was competent and did not charge for unnecessary treatments.the vet called multiple times after hours to check on her, let us stay at the office all day when my cat needed fluids and the staff even sent me home with a crate and new toy for daisy. This vet has saved her life twice now and I'm to the point of begging them to see dogs as well.

Alisha H.

I LOVED this office! I just moved to Jax and was in search of a cat only vet office and I am so happy I found them. I loved the cute cat decor and water and coffee in the waiting room. The large exam rooms didn't have those awful stainless steel tables in the center and that sterile feeling. Every staff member was very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Dr. Parker offered so much useful info about my cat and she and the vet tech knew exactly how to handle him, as he wasn't very happy (what cat is at the vet?). She even suggested some sights in Jax that I should check out, since I'm new here. Since this was my cat's first visit they asked a lot of questions about him for his file, which I really appreciated. I have never received such personalized attention from a vet. They trimmed his nails at no charge and managed to get them all, even though he acts like he is possessed by the devil when you try to trim his nails. They provided a list of recommended foods that contained brands in all price ranges, not just the expensive food. They gave him a peacock feather to play with and take home. I can't recommend A Cat Clinic enough!

Vanessa M.

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