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Who We Are

A Cat Clinic, Inc. has been treating cats with the dignity they demand since 1993. We have an enthusiastic and caring professional team, some which have been here for 10-20 years!  Join our family and contact us today to set up an appointment for your kitty.

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Dr. Allison Rogers DVM

Dr. Allison Rogers started A Cat Clinic 27 years ago and finds herself more in awe of kitties than ever! She is dedicated to providing a facility and staff of excellence so that we can truly offer incredible care for these incredible cats. She is also a Scuba Diver, the mother of 3  boys (it's not boring at home), volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem, and is married to Tim Armstrong who is known around Jacksonville in the "plant" scene: Eat Your Yard Jax, Armstrong Farms, and Berry Good Farms!

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Dr. Ann Porter DVM

Dr. Ann Porter has been with A Cat Clinic for 8 of her 25 Veterinary years…and even worked at one of the very first Feline Clinics (Chicago), then was a Veterinarian in Greece for the next decade! She loves her own extensive kitty family, the wonderful city of St. Augustine, is a Birding Enthusiast, and enjoys all types of books!

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Dr. Fallin Takacs BVetMed

Dr. Fallin Takacs is a Jacksonville native that attended University of North Florida for her undergraduate degree before pursuing veterinary school. She graduated from The Royal Veterinary College in London, England in 2013 and has worked in small animal medicine since. Dr. Takacs is highly interested in dentistry as well as soft tissue surgery and feline medicine. On her off days, she spends time with her crew of 4 kitties (Lucy, Lily, Loki and Rufio) as well as her dog Charlie. She enjoys gaming and crafting, particularly crocheting, in her spare time.

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Kimberley- Practice Manager

Kimberley has been with our clinic family almost 20 years. She has worn many different hats during this time but her current role is Practice Manager. When not at the clinic taking care of the rest of us she enjoys spending time with her family. Kimberley’s daughter, Morgan, is now living in Orlando so Kimberley spends her time as an empty-nester traveling and going on cruises.
Her furry loves are her two goofball kitties, Mikey and Ninja, and her 98-lb “lap dog”, Bosley, who truly has no idea of his size!

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Leslie- Surgical Nurse, Purchasing Agent

Leslie has been with A Cat Clinic for over 25 years. She found her passion specializing in Feline Dentistry, so next time she sees your cat, you can expect her to "flip the lip"! Leslie has lived in Florida all her life and loves everything animal: especially felines! Leslie, and her husband Brian, are proud parents of two teenagers and honored guardians of three dogs, four cats, a bearded dragon and a plethora of fish in their tropical aquarium. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, reading, cooking... and more reading!

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Debi- Veterinary Assistant

Debi has been with the clinic family for over 20 years (since 1996!). Before working with fur babies, she used to take care of human babies in daycare! Debi has a way of putting a smile on all of our faces with her silly sense of humor. Her laugh is contagious! Debi has been married to her husband for almost 40 years and they have two children and two grandchildren whom she adores. Debi enjoys spending time with her family (especially spoiling her grand-kids!), listening to music and going to the beach.

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Dorothy- Veterinary Assistant/ Patient Care Coordinator

Dorothy has been with the Cat Clinic family for over 6 years and truly is a cat-whisperer! She worked at a couple small animal clinics prior to joining our family, however, cats have always been where her heart lies. She is always very attentive when caring for our kitty patients and their human companions. Dorothy grew up in the North and spent several years backpacking and traveling around the U.S. before settling in Jacksonville. She has seven kitty kids of her own at home that are loved and spoiled every day. In her spare time, Dorothy loves to travel and be in nature. She aspires to travel to Europe and Asia someday.

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Aubrey- Staff Supervisor, Surgical Nurse

Aubrey started her journey with A Cat Clinic in February of 2015 but has been working in the veterinary field since 1996. Aubrey is a dental technician, surgical nurse and our staff supervisor. She graduated from University of North Florida with a Bachelor's in Chemistry but decided to stay in this field due to her passion for animals. She has two dogs and four cats of her own; one of the cats being Berkeley, who used to be the clinic cat at our Beach office! Berkeley has been a very happy spoiled boy now that he has a real home!

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Kristen- Veterinary Nurse

Kristen started working at A Cat Clinic in March of 2017, but has been in the veterinary field since 2009. Her original major in college was Studio Arts but has decided to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. Kristen has four cats, one of which is extra super special. Her name is Namine and she is paralyzed from the waist down. Kristen rescued her from her prior clinic as she was presented for euthanasia due to her many medical problems. Namine is doing so well now that she has received a second chance.  In her spare time, Kristen enjoys taking care of her furbabies and playing video games.

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Zaavan- Veterinary Assistant

Zaavan joined our team in January 2018 as a Care Coordinator in our Bed & Breakfast but she has recently been promoted to veterinary assistant! She has a big heart and a soft spot for all fuzzy and feathered animals! Her family owns a small 40 acre farm where they have cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, and even goats! Zaavan has a black kitty named Hoodoo who she rescued as a tiny kitten in 2011. In October 2018, she adopted her second kitten, a cream tabby, from Jacksonville Humane Society who she named Uther. They are the loves of her life! Zaavan's hobbies are gardening, growing vegetables and fruit trees. She also enjoys playing computer games.

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Green Eyed Cat

Lyndsey- Veterinary Nurse

Lyndsey earned her diploma as a Veterinary Assistant from University of Louisville in 2007 and has been working as a Veterinary Technician since 2009. She has a varied background which includes managing a cat shelter in Georgia for 5 years to working in Internal Medicine at a specialty practice here in Jacksonville. Lyndsey has 3 teenage daughters, 3 cats and enjoys fishing, swimming, tubing, hiking and walking the Florida Springs. 

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Shelby- Patient Care Coordinator

Shelby joined us right before the holidays and has been a great addition to our team.  She has a love for animals of all kind and is currently enrolled in a Veterinary Technician program.  Shelby is one of the friendly voices you hear on the other end of the line when you call.  She helps schedule appointments and answer questions from our callers while learning to become a technician.  Soon you will see her in the exam rooms with our doctors taking care of our kitty patients! 
At the end of her shift here at A Cat Clinic, she goes home to Binx, her kitty, Cooper the doggie, and Howl, a ball python (he doesn’t do much howling but he sure is cute!)

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Patty- Patient Care Coordinator

Patty is our newest team member, having only been here for a couple of months, but she has already shown her love of our patients like she’s been here for years. For 17 years Patty worked for a non-profit organization in baseball and 3 years in hospitality and administration.  She recently moved to Jacksonville to be closer to family.
Patty is a collector of all things Hello Kitty.  You might even see her running errands in her Hello Kitty onesie if you keep your eyes peeled! 
She is very excited to experience all there is to offer in Jacksonville and is looking forward to kayaking with her grand-dog Captain Jack, Jumbo Shrimp baseball games and of course caring for the kitties that come into A Cat Clinic. Miss Friday, her beautiful black kitty, is her precious pride and joy!

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