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Bed and Breakfast

Dear Kitty Parents,

Since July of 1996 we have opened our doors and welcomed kitties into our care as a home away from home in our Bed & Breakfast. Many kitties and their families have come to know us very well, forming close relationships and creating wonderful memories together.

However, after long and careful consideration, it saddens us to announce that our Bed & Breakfast officially closed at the end of September. While it is difficult to say goodbye to snuggles and playtime, our staff and doctors are still eager to care for your kitties’ medical requirements and well being.

We thank you for your decision in choosing us to be your kitties’ home away from home over the years.  We appreciate all the love and support from our patients and their families and look forward to continuing to provide medical care for years to come.

To help ease the transition for our patients and their families we have compiled a list of facilities and in-home pet sitters that are highly recommended by our staff, as well as our clients. If you need recommendations, please give us a call and we will be happy to help!


Your Friends at A Cat Clinic

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